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 When Art marries the Place  - Michèle-Pierre Marchal
collection Profils 2, Ministère wallon de l'Équipement et des Transports,
 3è trimestre 95, Editions MET 95 *



Integration of works of art into the buildings of the Walloon Region

Installed on an experimental basis on 6 July 1993, then officially installed on 23 December 1993, the young Arts Commission of the Walloon Region soon demonstrated its dynamism and audacity. In less than two years, it has already proposed six projects of integration of works of art into two buildings which are being constructed in the Walloon Region : that of the place de la Wallonie in Jambes and that of the rue du Tan in Namur. Exploring the great movements of contemporary design - whether it is a lyrical abstraction or a more constructive art, representational or with a conceptual approach -, all these works are, today, finished and keep up a relation of necessity with the spatial and architectural components of the places that were allotted.

When Art marries the Place, has certain similarities with a pleasant wandering through these public buildings, which, decisively, are not without art, and invite the reader to discover the work and the approach of the artists who have participated in the adventure : Costa Lefkochir, Francis Dusépulchre, Anne Mortiaux, Françoise and Georges Pirson, Béatrice Dooms and Jean-Marie Mathot, Bernard Thiran and Filip Roland..

Michèle-Pierre Marchal was born in 1964, in the suburbs of Liège. After her studies in primary school teaching, she obtained a licentiate degree in journalism and communication at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, ULB, in Brussels. Between 1989 and 1994, she worked as a journalist for a regional daily paper,and at present she contributes to a monthly magazines specialising in art and comic strips.



Ministère wallon de l'Équipement et des Transports
Dépôts légal : D/1995/5980/002 - 3etrimestre 1995 -
i Éditions MET 1995


 When Art marries the Place [2] - Pierre-Olivier Rollin
Series « Profils », 6, Walloon Ministry for Equipment and Transport, published by Editions MET&Perron, 2000.



This volume of the « profils »-series is the second one dedicated to works of art integrated into buildings of the Walloon Region. The book draws up an inventory of the last eight selections made by the Arts Commission of the Walloon Region.

Officially established in 1993, the Arts Commission now has fourteen works of art integrated into regional buildings to its credit. This quantity assessment must however not overshadow the quality achievements: the works of art answer the integration demand in different and original ways. They also show the present creativity as well as the artistic vitality of contemporary plastic expression forms.

This second volume of the series Quand l'Art épouse le Lieu is supposed to be a visit through works of art by Jean-Pierre Husquinet, artists from CREAHM in partnership with Dominique Bonsang, by Pierre Culot, Yann Kersalé, Michel Scheer, Florence Fréson, Léon Wuidar and Ladislas de Monge, all expressing a characteristic sensibility. While using contemporary forms, they have been able to reconcile themselves to space, architectural, historical, administrative,… requirements. An artistic route can be outlined from Charleroi to Liege passing by Namur. It is marked out with artistic interventions which, while respecting the past, throw light on the present and shape the future of the Walloon Region.

Pierre-Olivier Rollin was born in Charleroi in 1970. After a degree in journalism and communication at the Université libre de Bruxelles, he also graduated in art history and archaeology. From 1996 to 2000, he worked as an artistic columnist for a community daily and several both specialized and non-specialized magazines. He is now head of the plastic arts' section of the Directorate General for cultural affairs at the Hainaut Province.



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