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The Commission des Arts de la Région wallonne
(Commission of Arts of Wallonnia)

The members of the Commission :

François BOUQUIAUX, Honorary Architect
Xavier CANONNE, Director of the Photography Museum in Charleroi
Jacques CHARIOT, Honorary Architect
Christian COLLARD, Inspector General, Wallopn Ministry of Equipment and Transports - Division of Art and Market oeuvres
Thérèse CORTEMBOS, First Attaché, Ministry of Wallonnia - General Department of Territorial Equipment, Lodging and Patrimony
Serge ELU, Chief Engineer, Director, Walloon Ministry of Equipment and Transports - Building Department
Pierre HENRION, Conservator at the Open Air Museum in Sart Tilman (Liège)
Philippe JASPARD, Architect Engineer
Marie-Hélène JOIRET, Director of the Walloon Centre of Contemporary Art
André LAMBOTTE, Director of the Cultural Service of the Province of Namur
René LEONARD, Honorary Adviser at the Service of Sculpture Arts of the French Community
Robert LOOR, President of the Commission of Arts of Wallonia, Honorary Director General at the Walloon Ministry of Equipment and Transports - General Department for Technical Service
André MATTHYS, Director, Ministry of Wallonia - Department of Patrimony
Maïté PACCO, Assistant ret. at the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Brussels
Olivier VANDERIJST, Chief of the Cabinet of the Prime Minister Jean-Claude Van Cauwenberghe
André VERLAINE, Inspector General at the Walloon Institute of Patrimony, expert to the Prime Minister Jean Claude Van Cauwenberghe

Secretary's Office :

Dominique NAVET, Attaché, Walloon Ministry of Equipment and Transports - General Department for Technical Services

Centre MET - Bd du Nord, 8  -  5000 NAMUR
tél. : +32 81 77 32 84
fax : +32 81 77 38 77


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