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Real Estate Tilot (Jambes)

Direction General of the Natural Resources and Environment


Jean Claude Heupgen : “ le regard dispersé” (the scattered view)

The occupation by the D.G.R.N.E hall in Namur required the sculptur's Jean Claude Heupgen full attention. Convinced that a human being is not capable to apprehend the undelimited space ('as we are not capable to apprehend the infinite', he said), he decided to modulate this very narrow space by favourising the dispersion of sight. How ? By a geometric mark on the ground he concentrates the visitor's attention as soon as he passes the entrance bolter and directs his view to the centre of the hall. The facing in black stone of Denée near Maredsous is softened by the marks of a milled geometric pattern: Two lines of squares separated from each other by a milled line, leading to a plain pavement. This regular rhythm has the purpose to attract the view and to dynamise the declination of the dull ground on foot of the three sculptures of cutted wood which raise between two columns.

The three wooden oeuvres (2.5 m x 0.3 m x 0.3 m) raise at a triangular disposition so that the sides turned to the interior form an equilateral triangle. Their surfaces are sculptured with regular projecting motifs of several centimeters each, according to a geometric design which looks like a labyrinth. While walking around in the hall, the visitor perceives the sculptures in different ways modulating the natural light which spreads over the room through glass bays. His sight is constantly jumping from the sculptured marks to other forms which reflect it back. Being accustomed to follow the hollow lines which move from left to right and from top to buttom, the eye can't stop turning around the sculpture. The impression of the space which the viewer gets by following his eyes is modified by continuous circumvolutions.

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