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Bovesse II Building (Jambes)

General Management of Territory Equipment, Lodging and Patrimony

The entrance hall of the Bouvesse II building in Jambes is very well ventilated even though it has to allow for a large quadrangular entrance bolter. In his project the artist had to respect this open space without, however, deciding in favour of a discrete, quasi minimalistic, intervention. His choices were two complementary 'gestures'.

An art work under glass hanging on the wall shows a coal tip intersected by a white line. The theme is very adequately expressed by a mixed technique, dominated by drawing charcoal, a material for drawing carbon extracts. Dark traces cover this triangular form with a symbolic multitude, all inscripted in a dark background; a kind of "dark triangle on a dark background". The nearly instinctive brutality of the trail evokes the hard battle of human beings to snatch the dark gold from the insides of the earth but without excess of pathos and significant surcharge. The expression is extremely condensed and the view is more abstract than anecdotical. The theme reflects also the administrative affectation of the building: Territory Equipment.

A white mosaique embedded in the floor, circumvented by blue stone emphasizes the curved relief of the tip. The rational visualization of the same reality (this time embedded in the floor) responds to the more emotional representation suggested by the oeuvre hanging on the wall. These two procedures of representation correspond with the spec­tator's position. At the level of his eyesight the canvas or the tip are presented in profile as the habitants of the coal region could see it longtime ago (today they are skimmed or covered with greenery). On the contrary, if the spectator entering the hall looks on the floor, he puts himself in a flight position, e.g. like an aviator. Therefore, it's quite adequa­te here that the artist did choose a cartographical representation. So, the oeuvre shows two representation modes of reality condensing the rational and emotional suggestions which are joined with.

Hall d'entrée de la D.G.A.T.L.


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