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Old House "du Bailli" (Charleroi)

Showcase of Wallonia

“ The Arch" of Marc Feulien

The place meant to receive the future showcase of Wallonia (the Walloon Export Agency, AWEX) is the old house "du Bailli" in Charleroi, the facade and roof of which are listed. Its restoration has been entrusted to the architect Jean-Michel Autenne. The intervention area granted to the artist is a high wall of the inside hall, in front of which a footbridge has been hung, used by the staff. The visual artist from Charleroi, Marc Feulien, has submitted an art project which integrates this element in his sculptural intervention.

The artist has proposed to insert, into the wall, a red lacquered metal frame (5 x 4 m).The latter would be sufficiently embedded in the wall section so as to present no unevenness of the surface at all ; it would really lightly touch the wall, as if it were a wall picture. The monochrome red hue would send a very strong visual signal, although unpretentious and unassuming, in this architectural whole, dominated by grey. A maximum efficiency for a minimum of expense.

In the upper right corner of the frame, Marc Feulien has had the idea to make a cut-out so as to form an inverted "L". This part would then be folded back to the interior of the room, and would touch down on the edge of the footbridge, forming some kind of geometrical arch. The visitor or the employee using the footbridge would thus be invited to pass under the arch. The iron element would not touch the balustrade of the footbridge ; it would only skim it, thus enhancing the visual tension the red hue suggests in the grey space.

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