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Wuidar Léon

Léon Wuidar

Léon Wuidar, an autodidactic painter has quickly left the figurative way in order to concentrate himself on the essential stakes of his painting: the installation of reports between the regular forms and the primary colours, the discovery of the harmonious principles and of the indefinite combination possibilities, the beginning of an extremely reduced formal vocabulary (the geometric forms). The noticeable pleasure in front of a drastic work, the profound emotion which will arise from the correction of a geometric arrangement or even gives the impression of an intimate understanding of a secrete harmony reigning an architecture, these are the main points this strictly abstract painting wants to show.

The origin of Léon Wuidar's many oeuvres has to be found in the succession of precise memories, which remind you of places and objects, of emotions and experiences in life, of casual discoveries and architectural details, of ancient or modern oeuvres etc. There are so many tangible elements which, according to a classical technique, add to the pleasure of painting. The sensual pleasure which the painting provides for him is essential. Although, the move of his hands is still governed by the rude discipline of geometry and remains invisible. There isn't any track of 'making' in the oeuvre of Léon Wuidar.

Being abstract the oeuvre of Léon Wuidar isn't less suggestive; it can tell you all the emotions, the feelings, the reflexions, the pleasures and even the humoristic notes even better then one would think. Its geometrical formation makes it particularly suitable for architectural integration: the geometer's art complies very well with that of the geometrical painter. In this way Wuidar has also realised –and continues to do so– some first class architectural integrations (of which most are mentioned in the annex).





Léon Wuidar

Born in Liège, in 1938

1955 :

Autodidact painter

1959 :

Art teacher at High School

1972 :

Requesting the architect Charles Vandenhove to build him a house

1988 :

Participation in launching the magazine "Mesures Art International" (Measures of International Art)

1992 :

Ordering a second house from Charles Vandenhove



Main expositions

1968 : Apiaw in Liège
1979 : Galérie Véga in Liège
1986 : Galérie Excentric in Liège
1990 : Maison de la Culture (public Art Centre) in Namur
1994 : Galérie Cyan in Liège
1999 : Rops Museum in Namur

Main architectural integrations 

1977 : Restaurant universitaire of "Sart-Tilman" in Liège
1980 : University Hospital Centre in Liège
1982 : Children's Home in Esneux and the Arsenal in Namur
1987 : "labyrinthe" property of Sart-Tilman in Liège
1988 : "FTZ" (Telecommunication Centre) in Darmstadt (Germany)
1992 : Crèche in Paris (France)
1999 : Administration Centre of "MET" (Ministry of Enviroment & Traffic)
         in Namur, "Staargebouw" in Maastriche (the Netherlands)


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