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Scheer Michel

Michel Scheer ou la fusion art-science-symbole

Born in Namur, Michel Scheer is someone particular among the Belgian artists. Maybe because he strictly refuses the artistical and other "categories", practical boxes where the artists are definitely being placed in. Michel Scheer claims a global, systematic, widest possible view which multiple passages and connections between the territories. Why should we divide the art into independent domains, maintaining only episodic reports with the society where it happens? This open and curious mind crosses cheerfully the barriers between the disciplines of human activity and demands a way of creation based on the total fusion science-art-symbols. The oeuvres he has manufactured for ten years succeed in this astonishing fusion.

© Jacques Bouton     © Fabienne Castadot

Michel Scheer

Born in 1937, in Namur
Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Namur
multi-disciplinary researches as autodidacte

Main expositions 

1959 : L'objet (the object), together with the group "Entonnoir", Brussels
1982 : Mise en boîte (in the box), Maison de la Culture
         (House of Culture), Namur
1968 : Casseroles de l'espace, Hommage/Dérison de la recherche spatiale
         (Pots of space, Homage/Derison to the Research of Space),
         Maison de la Culture (House of Culture), Namur
1990 : Musique des sphères (Music of the spheres), gallery "N.T.B", Brussels
1993 : Tête à tête, Oefs-Tension Magnétique (private interview, eggs vs.
         magnetic tension), Gallery Détour, Jambes
1994 : Deuxième Jeu de la Francophonie (10th game of the French speaking
         world), "Hôtel des Monnaies", Paris, France
1999 : Liberté, libertés chéries : Ou l'art comme résistance à l'art
         (Liberty, dear liberties or How art resists art), "ISELP-Botanique",
         Brussels,Quand souffle les vents du Sud,(When the wind blows
         from South), Walloon Museum of Art, Liège


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