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Roland Filip

Filip Roland, « archiscenography »

Luckily, Filip Roland invented the term "archiscenography", a kind of synthesis between architecture and scenography, to qualify his work. By this, he escapes all the traditional classifications. The furniture which he creates cannot be considered as being strictly designed but is questioning the space and the way to elaborate it. And if we try to talk about sculptural creations to qualify his work, we risk to omit that they all are functional.

The same problem arises when his creations have to be qualified. The mixed use of the most diversive material, the unrestrained formal imagination he represents, prevents to classify his creations in the regular registers. Endlessly responding to the demands of functionality, his creations comprise of identifiable signs which evoke various objects which, traditionally, won't have their place in an encyclopedia of design like a book, a rake, etc. With Filip Roland every furniture is an independent world of itself, also being able to open itself to the surrounding space and to transformation.

Born in Brussels in 1954
Lives and works in Namur


1981 : Furniture Fair, Heysel, in Brussels
1983 : Triennale des Jeunes artistes (Triennial of Young Artists),
         Maison de la Culture in Namur
1986 : Ligne (the Line), in Brussels
1989 : Nouveaux objets visuels (New visual objects), in Brussels
1990 : GalleryNéon, in Brussels
1993 : Design in Wallonia, at the Salon de la Construction, in Namur
1993 : Antwerp 93-Designtoren, in Antwerp 


1988 : Maison particulière 1 (a particular house), in Jambes
1998 : Maison particulière (a particular house), Buvrinne

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