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Mathot Jean-Marie

Jean-Marie Mathot : le langage des pierres (the language of stones)

Having studied painting, but coming from a family of the marble industry, Jean-Marie Mathot has done at first an oeuvre, both pictural and sculptural . While in the beginning the human body has grasped his consideration the artist progressively turned from all the figurative references to the exploration of the expressive potentials of the material. The concrete, the bronze, the marble, the granite etc. did serve as material for the most important oeuvres, more and more purified and free of all narrative anecdotes.

But as an end is never reached, the forms did progressively change the senses. What started only as a formal research regarding the expressive qualities of the material, was imperceptibly enriched with an affective charge, together with precise mementos. The forms became suggestive again, evoking several mental states; the reappearance of intimate personal experiences lived through.

Born in Namur in 1948
Studies at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels
Painting teacher at the School of Fine Arts in Braine-L'Alleud.
Various collective expositions

Personal Expositions 

1970 : gallery "L'escalier", in Brussels
1975 : gallery "Mezzanine", in Charleroi
1982 : Fondation "Horlait-Dapsens", in Brussels
         Galerie "Couvaloup", in Morges (Switzerland)
1989 : One-man-show at Linéart, at the gallery "Derscheid", Brussels
1992 : gallery "Louiza", in Mechelen
1995 : gallery "Albert 1er", in Brussels

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