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Lefkochir Costa

Costa Lefkochir : painting inside the body


Costa Lefkochir, who arrived in Belgium in 1970, initially produced symbolist inspired drawings, which betray an existentialist suffering. However, progressively, his work calms down and frees itself from the representational. Lefkochir then attempts to plastically express a state of spiritual and moral appeasement, without falling into some or other religious feeling. The colour and its inner movements thus receive all his attention.


Costa Lefkochir

The Belgian critic Claude Lorent, who has closely followed the evolution of the artist for several years, wrote : "The temptation of Costa Lefkochir, as a real Mediterranean, steeped in a more Byzantine than Western culture although from a shared basis of spirituality, has always been to reject the straight referential picture for the benefit of a total abstraction or of expressions with a clearly symbolic character. Up till now, light, as a distant call or a diffuse and subjacent attractive radiance, has played an essential role in this type of language animated by profound personal emotion as well as by spiritualised aspirations. (...) By daring the present break, the artist does not renounce that which preceded, quite on the contrary, he draws the strength from it for an attention which from now on focuses on more precise signs, since indeed a lot of elements nowadays finally reveal themselves to the eye."






Legend of the Photograph

1998 Installation "L'Emergence d'Icare" (The Appearance of Icarus)
Wooden slabs, collage, acrylic and painting on cardboard.
Wings of iron, plaster and polyester, painted with acrylic.
"Entre pureté et pérennité" (Between Purity and Perpetuity)
"This appearance of the signs is accompanied by a new severity, namely in the chromatic field where white, as a colour, as a proper sign of purity, virginity and not of light, combines with the densest blacks.


Alpha and Omega, the alliance of antitheses, awakening and sleepiness, life and death, the temporary and eternity. The conciseness of an entire course which always leaves a possible continuation, for the lay-outs are conceived as open spaces. Similarly beforehand, but in systems of different writing, the pictorial images live on beyond the surface. Their treatment, willingly playing on the partial presence, forces the eye to imaginary excesses and makes the oeuvres particularly dynamic."

(Extract from the text "Entre pureté et pérennité" (Between Purity and Perpetuity) by Claude Lorent, published in the catalogue of the exhibition "Costa Lefkochir, 1992-1997", at the municipal Cultural Centre in Athens.)






Born in 1952, in Héraklion (Greece)
Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Liège

Main Exhibitions

1982 :


Saint Marc Basilica, in Héraklion (Greece)

1984 :


Barbara Eicke Gallery, in Düsseldorf (Germany)

1987 :


Art area - Agence Mondiale d'Information (World Information Agency),
in Paris (France) Fine Arts Gallery, Brussels 1988
Elanthos Gallery, in Athens (Greece)

1989 :


Danielle de Vreeze Gallery, in Eck en Wiel (the Netherlands)

1992 :


Ruben Forni Gallery, in Brussels

1993 :


Générale de Banque, in Brussels

1995 :


Michel Rey Gallery, in Paris (France)
Museum of Modern Art and Contemporary Art (Mamac), in Liège

1998 :


Pascal Vanhoecke Gallery, in Paris (France)

1999 :


Quand soufflent les vents du Sud (When the winds of the South blow), Museum of Walloon Art, in Liège

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