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Kersalé Yann

Yann Kersalé

During the eighties the French artist Yann Kersalé presented himself as one of the most original artists of his time, not only for his predilectional material and the artificial manner, but also for the way how he's exploiting it. While the others are modelling the earth, extending the painting, sculpturing the stone etc, Kersalé is preoccupied with comprehending how to set magnificent sites into shining scenes.

In 1984, near Caen, he realised the first of what is called the "expéditions de lumière" (expeditions of light). It is about to render a glowing life to a furnace of the Metallurgy Society of Normandy. Masked with a protection tower, the chimney of the furnace does not shine anymore. So, Kersalé put on its top two DCA projectors which direct their powerful beams towards the ground being reflected by mirrors. An electronic system coordinates the illumination and controls the light density according to the rhythm of the different phases of the industrial process: from preparating the raw material, passing the casting and the rolling, up to the cooling of the metal. The frequence of the casting determines the rhythm of the luminous sequences. The oeuvre is according the factory pulsations meeting their vital rhythm. It's the reconciliation with the human activity which the work is grafting on. Since that time Kersalé has realised many light shows which the Bridge of Normandy, LeHavre, is the veritable masterpiece of.

Since then he became one of the most important light artists known everywhere in the world. The modern "Bridge of Normandy" project is a most remarkable example. In Belgium, the Walloon Ministry of Equipment and Transports has commissioned him to illuminate several exceptional works of art: the elevator nr.4 up to the historical canal of the centre in Strépy-Thieu; the tour de la Plate-Taille (tower of P.-T.) with the barrages de l'Eau d'Heure, (dam of hourly water); the bridge of the Ardennes near Namur and the bridge of Fragnée, near Liège.


Yann Kersalé : the artist of illumination

Born in 1955, in Boulogne-sur-Seine, France
Studies at the School for Fine Arts in Quimper
Conception of lightshows for French groups and singers

Main expositions

1990 : Miroirs/Mirrors, Cultural Centre of the French Embassy
           in New York (USA)
1992 : NS/BN, Gallery Joisse Seguin, Paris, France
1994 : Expéditions lumières (light expeditions), Espace Electra,
           Paris, France

Selection of realisations (illumination)

1984 : Expéditions lumière (Light expeditions) SMN, in Caen, France
1984 : L'Opéra débastillé, Opera of Paris, France
1994 : Résonance, Champs Elysées, in Paris, France
1995 : Entre 2, Pont de Normandie (Entrance #2, Bridge of Normandy)
         in Havre, France
1998 : Courant d'âges, Moulin de Meuse,(Flow of Ages,
         Mill at the river Meuse) in Beez

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