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Husquinet Jean-Pierre

Jean-Pierre Husquinet
       See the music, hear the colour 

At the end of the eighties, as a passionate music-lover and a musician when he feels like it, the artist Jean-Pierre Husquinet from Liège put together a system which connects music and painting, by associating the twelve notes of the chromatic scale in music and the twelve shades of the pictorial chromatic circle. In this way each painted square is equivalent to a note, the value of which determines the coloured surface in a four-square column. A column of four squares is equal, in its turn, to a time (a black one/flat). Thus his first painted works were composed of successions of columns of coloured squares, which can be interpreted musically.

Progressively, Jean-Pierre Husquinet has been brought round to abandon the transcription on canvas.  He then chose to write his 'coloured scores' on cords. Offering a great variety of diameters and textures, the painted cords allow the artist to propose different "installations" each time, always at different spots, even in the same place. Exactly, like a score of jazz music which can be interpreted differently by different musicians. Hence Jean-Pierre Husquinet spreads his painted cords in certain places and modifies our perception of them. Just like with the paintings, the intention is not to illustrate some piece of music, nor to voice a picture, but to associate two structures of composition.

The use of cords has led Jean-Pierre Husquinet to become interested in knots, the points where his cords/scores cross and overlap. "My work with the cords, he explains, has led me to think about the significance of the knot, which is a kind of labyrinth through which one has to search his way, like the musical score is also a course." The artist has become a member of the international Guild of knotmakers, and exploits new plastic formulations and new possibilities of arrangements for his cords, which increases the sculptural presence of his works.


Jean Pierre Husquinet

Born in Ougrée, in 1957.
Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Liège. Specialisation in serigraphy.
Teaches at the Valenciennes School of Art.

Selection of Exhibitions 

1982 : La Chataigneraie, in Verviers.
1983 : Engraving exhibition room, in Liège
1989 : Simposio de arte geometrico y constructivo
         (Symposium of geometrical and constructive art),
         Cultural Centre, in Madrid (Spain)
1990 : Douze construits (Twelve constructs), Sala Previa, in Madrid (Spain)
1992 : Cyan Gallery, in Liège
         Kleiner Bilder, Objekte, Plastiken (Small engravings, objects,
         sculptures),St. Johann Gallery, in Saarbrücken (Germany)
1993 : Cords, installations, in Horion (France)
1996 : Andernach, in Rathaus (Germany)
1997 : Conkrete Kunst (Concrete Art), Cultural Centre, in Knokke-Heist
          Konkrete resultate (Concrete results), in Budapest (Hungary)
          Triennial PrizeLanchelevici, Open-air Museum of Sart-Tilman, in Liège
1998 : "View on engraving in France from 1945 until the present",
           Célestin Port room, in Angers (France)
           Art in Europe, Parliament's Colonnade Hall, in Vienna (Austria)
1999 : Europaktiv, Burgau Castle, in Düren (Germany)
          Univoque, V.A.C. (Ventabren Contemporary Art),
         in Ventabren (France)


1994 : installation and performance, town swimming pool, in Mouscron
1995 : installation and performance, La Friche Belle de Mai,  
         in Marseilles (France)
1999 : installation, C.H.U. (University Hospital Centre),
         Open-air Museum of Sart-Tilman, in Liège

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