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Pirson Georges

Georges Pirson : “ The architecture adheres to the body of the earth which it marks and thickens”

After graduating from the Catholic University of Louvain, Georges Pirson worked in Paris for three years, before returning to Brussels to found the Atelier Sessions Edifications (Construction Workshop Sessions), together with Jean Stillemans. The essential of their reflection focuses on the place and with it, on the earth. The architecture then could be described as the creation of particular places, the desire to adapt the ground to the needs of men. The buildings are no longer perceived as isolated and independent creations, but as a growth from out of the ground, turned towards the sky.

"The earth,  they write,  receives our bodies, our gestures and our actions. The earth receives them because it builds up, and because  it builds up according to a thickness, a thickness of interface which opens out at the joining places between the spheres of the sky and of the earth. (...) If the work of architecture consists of giving body to the interface between the earth and the sky, this matter will very quickly be covered by other matter, which is that of the city - the urban matter. This urban matter is that on which we operate in the cultural conjuncture which is ours : the city presents itself as a natural working field of architecture."

Born in Namur,
Architectural studies at the UCL (Catholic University of Louvain)
Founding member, together with Jean Stillemans, of the architectural atelier Sessions Edifications (Construction Sessions)


1985-87 : residences for young workers, in Paris.
1987-93 : buildings for accomodation integrated with the restructuring
               project of the southern side of the Bollée avenue, in Paris.


1993 : Le noir d'architecture - Encre, architecture, dessin.
         (The black of architecture - Ink, architecture, design),
           Academy of Fine Arts, in Brussels.
1994 : Les règles du jeu (The rules of the game), in St.-Gilles (Brussels)


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