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Pirson Françoise

Françoise Pirson : the taste for materials

Trained at the Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels, Françoise Pirson completed her training with a practical course in Pietrasanta, in Italy, where she learnt to master the techniques of bronze and marble. It is there that she has developed her particular taste for materials. She can be increasingly characterised by a form of ethics which lies at the base of her sculptural work : respect for materials, whether these are stone, bronze, wax or wood ; not to betray their quality and looking how to release their intrinsical potentialities.

Born in Namur, in 1961.
Studies in sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels.
Training in sculpture of Carrara marble, in Pietrasanta, in Italy


1988 : Archenne
1993 : Le noir d'architecture - Encre, architecture, dessin.
         (The black of architecture - Ink, architecture, design),
         Academy of Fine Arts, in Brussels.

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