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Dusépulchre Francis

Francis Dusépulchre : possible extensions of monochromism

Since he renounced to the representational, at the beginning of the seventies, Francis Dusépulchre has explored the chromatic and sculptural possibilities of monochromatism. Making use of the refraction of the light on the intense pictorial layers, he inclines, wrings, cracks, tears, folds, moves his work surface in order to multiply the phenomena of refraction and reflection of the light. Sometimes, he even hangs an almost invisible thread before the picture so that the shadow draws a fleeting and shivering line on it.

Reacting permanently to the light, the work seems to alter as soon as the spectator moves a little bit. The slightest move of the observer entails a different perception of the light and, with it, of the changing game of the colours and the shapes they release. Dusépulchre knows how to create an almost imperceptible rustle, the echo of which reverberates silently in the entire picture. Some kind of poetic thrill, discreetly contained, reveals the magic of the work.

"Ombres dessinées"
Laque acrylique - acier plexi rayé 40x50x7 cm


Born in Seneffe, in 1934.
Lower level secondary education teacher training in plastic arts.
Numerous personal and group exhibitions

rue de Collarmont, 28
7141 CARNIERES Belgique
Tél./fax : 064/44.33.52

Integrated monumental works

1971 :

Signal, in Trazegnies

1974 :

Cathedral, at the Grand Hornu

1975 :

Signal, at the entrance to the Museum of Mariemont

1979 :

Environnement habitable (Habitable environment), Beaux-Arts metro station, in Charleroi

1980 :

Articulations spatiales (Spatial articulations), Cultural Centre, in Nivelles

1990 :

Ondulation spatiale (Spatial undulation), entrance of the printing houses of the Sud Presses group, in Charleroi









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