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Dooms Béatrice

Béatrice Dooms : Halo de brume (halo of fog)

Having studied at the Academy for Fine Arts in Brussels, Béatrice Dooms devotes herself on one theme only: The Human Being. The human being whose weakness, qualities, joy, worries, anxieties, last secrets, ... she tries to find out. All that what remains in one's soul. As the scenes of life often inspire her, the personal elements complete the inspiration. For her, painting is also giving a bit from herself.

From a technical point of view, for a while Béatrice Dooms has let herself go for material formulations. Then, her layers were thick and the colouring vivid. Progressively, she opted for a more fluid painting, making slow juxtapositions of fine, nearly translucide layers which generate a certain 'halo brumeux' (foggy halo) where the shapes disintegrate.

Born in Ninove in 1947
Studies at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels
Lives and works in Grand-Leez
Various collective expositions

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