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Desmedt Emile

Emile Desmedt, between interiority and exteriority

Trained as a ceramist, Emile Desmedt has progressively turned to sculpture. His first works were inspired by the irregular undulations of roots and seemed animated by a vital thrust which pushed them heavenwards. However, his plastic work has condensed so as to favour circular and hollow shapes. The body of the works seems to be created by an indistinct pressure, exerted from inside. The outer surface tightens, ready to explode, whereas a cavity opens at one of the extremities and offers a play of visual and tactile contrasts : dull/bright, rough/smooth, concave/convex, and so on.

Often inspired by conical shapes, Emile Desmedt likes to give the impression that his works are precariously balanced. His refusal to use a pedestal, which could be regarded as a sacred border between art and the world, allows him to place his works in positions which seem to freely challenge gravity. They fit in, continuously challenging gravity, with a freedom recalling that of signs drawn on a page. Moreover, the artist associates the design with an exercise of organising visual elements in a space. The sundial conceived for the Hôpital des Anglais (The English Hospital) uses this original position which he imposes on his sculptures.


Emile Desmedt





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