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De Monge Ladislas

Ladislas de Monge,  organic "architect"

As an autodidact, Ladislas de Monge likes to define his work as an "organic architecture", rather than as an "organic design". "Because, he says,  I do not condition the form to the function, like designers can do. In my case, it is almost the opposite. It is the materials which induce the form, and the functionality is not really a criterion".”

After some technical experimentation, Ladislas de Monge has benefited from personal exhibitions, in Brussels, at the beginning of the nineties. His works were then characterised by a stated sense of purification and a formal minimalism. In the mid-nineties, his approach to the materials has markedly changed, and he has started taking interest in organic architecture. At the same time, he showed a growing interest in European and non-Western spiritual forms.

Put simply, one could say that organic architecture is opposed to rationalist architecture ; that the former determines its volumes according to the spatial needs of the occupants and that the latter organises them in relation to logical rules, rules of harmony, of proportion, of symmetry, and so on, which concern structures (walls, crosspieces, etc.) rather than the available spaces and the hollows. In a nutshell : organic architecture deals with the contents, and rationalist architecture with the containers.

Moreover, the works of Ladislas de Monge seem to vibrate with an inner life of their own, as if the shapes were brought forth by processes of internal "pressure". Nevertheless, his furniture always satisfies the requirements of functionality.


Futaie, 1997 : Oak shelf



Born in 1956, in Ohey (Province of Namur)
Sculptural studies at the National School of Visual Arts - La Cambre, in Brussels.

Selection of Exhibitions
1987 : Realisation of wooden lamp models.
1991 : Individual Exhibition, in Brussels
1992 : Interiors. Design for Europe, in Kortrijk
1993 : Interiors, design tower Antwerp, in Antwerp
1994 : Lamp exhibitions and distributions at Ligne,
         Dépôt Design et Kan Dira Ton, in Brussels
         Creation of sacred art objects
1997 : Twenty designers of Wallonia and Brussels,
         Centre of Contemporary Art, in Brussels ;
         Théorème Gallery, in Brussels;
         Belgian House, in Cologne (Germany) ;
         Wallonia/Brussels Centre, in Paris (France)
          Avant-Scène Gallery, in Paris (France)
1998 : International Fair, in Milan (Italy)
          Twenty Designers of Wallonia and Brussels,
         Via Montenapoleone Gallery, in Milan (Italy)
          Temporary showcase : Design area of the School of Fine Arts,
         in Valenciennes (France)
          Integration for the Grouping of the Services of the Walloon Region,
         in Liège
1999 : Riccadonna Gallery, in Monaco (France)
2000 : Individual Exhibition, in Brussels
         International Biennial of Design, in Saint-Etienne (France)




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