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Culot Pierre

Pierre Culot

The wall is the main form which the sculptural oeuvre of Pierre Culot is dreaming of to such extent that the French landscape architect Gilles Clément speaks about the "Mur-Culot" ("wall-C."). The artist conceives these walls in many ways and their appearance vary. The wall is the place where Culot compensates greatly for his love for ceramics and his monumental ambitions. It's also a kind of memory: The walls (espescially those of ruins) remain as traces of a passed burden of mistery : they have been there before us, and they will be there after us. Contemplating the walls is a bit like contemplating the past, the individual and collective history but it is also to impregnate the fragments of our life; to establish an informal origin with our posthumous descendants.

The Culot walls withstand the times because they are insensitive to their flow; they are timeless, this means there are no hours. They exist now but could perfectly have been here a hundred years ago and would still be here in another hundred without ever looking anachronistic. Facing this, the human being is left to his mortal condition. The walls of Pierre Culot stimulate a silent meditation about existance.

The genuine place of Pierre Culot's sculptures is in a natural case. The vegetation overruns them slowly and covers their foundations to eliminate the apparent footprints of their human origin, living on the art of garden where the sculpture remains a central element, however.

Born in 1938 in Malmédy
Lives and works in Roux-Miroir, Belgium

Studies at the School of Art in Maredsous,
further at the National HighSchool of Visual Art, La Cambre, Brussels

Main individual expositions

1973 : Stedelijk Museum, Dordrecht, the Netherlands
         Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands
1974 : Victoria and Albert Museum London, England "Industrial creators",
         Andrée Putmans, Paris, France
1976 : Galérie Delpire, Paris, France
1979 : Museum of Louvain-la-Neuve
1981 : Hetjens Museum in Düsseldorf,
         Germany Museum Bellerive, Zürich, Switzerland
1990 : Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France
1991 : Galérie Monochrome, Brussels Museum Bellerive,
           Zürich, Switzerland
1994 : Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands
1995 : Galérie la Cité, Luxembourg, Luxembourg
         Maison de l'Architecture (House of Architecture),
         Paris, France C.A.U.E, Lyon, France
1996 : Bibliotheca Wittockiana (Wittockia Library), Brussels
1999 : Fondation de l'architecture
         (Foundation of Architecture) in Brussels

Selection of monumental sculptures

1965 : "Mur d'âge viséen" (wall of an aiming age), Sart Tilman, Liège
1989 : "Mur cyclopéen" (cyclopic wall) for Tractebel, Brussels
1993 : Garden of the Castle Chaumont sur Loire, France
         Memorial de Vendée, in Lucs-sur-Boulogne, France
1996 : Samsung project together with the architects Jean Nouvel,
         Rem-Koolhaas and Mario Botta, in Seoul, Korea
1997 : Sculpture made of bricks and granite for the site
         "l'Arche de la Défense" (Defence Arc), Paris,
         France Bank Parisbas, "Sculpture Promenade",
         Boulevard E.Jacqmain, Brussels Granite sculpture for
         the Moulins de Beez (Mills of Beez), NamurGarden &
         sculptures for the Usines Céodeux (Céodeux factories),
         Luxembourg, Luxembourg

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