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Le Créahm

Le Créahm (The CRÉA.H.M)

Created in 1970 by the painter Luc Boulangé the Créahm (Création Handicap Mental; Creation of the mentally handicapped) makes artistical studios (sculpture and scenery arts) available to mental handicapped adults. The originality of Créahm lays in its main objective to reinforce the artistic possibilites which certain handicapped person give evidence of. Emphasis is put on the development of the creative capacities of these people. Ideally, the institution determines itself on the objective to show the finished oeuvres (paintings, sculptures, theatre plays etc) outside the institutional, social or family environment in order to let them face the specialists of the concerned disciplines.

In 1992, the Créahm has opened the Centre of Differenciated Art (CAD) in the parc of Avroy in Liège in order to offer a permanent view about the handicapped artists' work. This differenciated notion of art permits to distinguish the oeuvres of those who cover the much more disseminated term 'crued art' which was initiated by the French artist Jean Dubuffet on the day following the second world war. Besides the organisation of temporary expositions (both individual and collective ones), the CAD has been progressively tied to the creation of a veritable international collection. This came to an end in 1998 by the foundation of the musée d'art différencié(Museum of differenciated Arts) (MAD) where about 250 oeuvres can be seen (1, Parc d'Avroy, 4000 Liège).

The artists who, with the consent of the Walloon Commission of Arts, have been chosen to realise the oeuvres situated in the site of St Charles in Charleroi, at the seat of the AWIPH, are :


Dominique Bottemanne

Born in 1962
Works at the A. Livemont Home, in Aubechies
Sculptor on wood and colourist


Nicole Daiwaille

Born in 1959
Frequently visits the Cejiel (day care centre for adult moderately mentally handicapped persons), in Liège, as well as the workshops of CREAHM (Creativitiy and Mental Handicap)
Several exhibitions. Committed colourist.


Serge Delaunay

Born in 1957
Works at the Queen Fabiola Centre, in Neufvilles
Painter, poet, sculptor


Luc Eyen

Born in 1973
Works at the CREAHM (Creativity and Mental Handicap) and at the Cejiel (day care centre for handicapped adults), in Liège


Jean-Marc Heyligen

Born in 1962
Works at the A. Livemont Home, in Aubechies


Thérèse Longrol

Born in 1956
Lives at the Ateliers of 94, in Houdeng-Goegnies


Jean-Jacques Oost

Born in 1964
Frequently visits the La Hesse Ateliers du Foyer, in Vielsalm


Abdel Ouaranna

Born in 1976
Works at the Social Welfare Centre Regniers, in Bienne-Lez-Happart


René Perrot

Born in 1955
Lives and actively works at the Queen Fabiola Centre, in Neufvilles


Patricia Verduyckt

Born in 1965
Follows the activities of the day care centre for physically handicapped adults "la Seve", in Xhendelesse, as well as the CREAHM workshops (Creation and Mental Handicap)

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