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Belgeonne Gabriel

Gabriel Belgeonne

When Gabriel Belgeonne left the Academy of Fine Arts in Mons with a painting diploma in his hands, he soon abandoned this technique in order to dedicate himself to engraving. His first important series of works are shown around a recurrent motive, the ammonite (a mollusce fossile with a septated shell). In this work the artist seems to explore the boarders of interiority with an obstinacy which, however, does not exclude a great sensitivity and a greater vision which includes the philosophic preoccupations.

But at the end of the eighties his gesture becomes more free. His hands regained the gesticulative liberty which he had a long time before. At this time Belgeonne leaves large white zones, changes his compositions as if he suddenly realized of what he can do. At the same moment he is starting to paint again, finally free of the burden of lessions wrongly adapted to his personality. Belgeonne founds himself in an incredible privileged situation: he can profit from the juvenile euphoria of a person who is discovering a new media with enormous possibilies to explore; and also from the experience of a man who knows that this wisdom can only be reached by long maturation full of accidents and success with their lot of pain and hope. 

Born in Gerpinnes (Hainaut) in 1935.

Lessons at the Academy of Fine Art in Mons, but doesn't want to do any painting since he obtained his diploma (1962). After the contact with his uncle Zéphir Busine and with Dustave Marchoul, professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Mons ("form and colour", then "printed photographs") he devotes himself to different techniques (engraving, ceramics, leaded glass windows etc) from 1963 till 1990.

From 1990 he gives lessons on engraving and book illustrations at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Visuels (National School for Visual Art), la Cambre, in Brussels. During the academic years 1998-99 and 1999-2000 he managed the school.

- Member of the Class of Fine Arts at the Royal Academy of Belgium;
- Participation at the main biennial and triennial festivals on engraving and
  pattern drawing: Coruna, Baden Baden, Berlin, Biella, Bradford, Buenos
  Aires, Firenze, Cairo, Lodz, New Delhi,, Sao Paulo, Rijeka, Sofia, Tokyo;
- member of different international jurys during the engraving biennials;
- Co-founder of the "Centre for Engraving and Printed Images" of French
  Community in La Louvière (1985);
- Founder of the publishing company "TANDEM".

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